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Club Guidelines



For Annual and Day Members, Visitors, and Guests

Welcome to Oaklake Trails. In order to secure your safety, protect your privacy, and enhance your enjoyment of Oaklake Trails and its facilities, we need your support for these basic rules of conduct.


  • CLOTHING: OLT was created for nudists. Weather and health permitting, you are expected to be nude. Nudity is required in the pool, hot tub, and strongly encouraged when using all recreational facilities on the main grounds. Clothing must be worn, however, when visible by the public or as indicated by management (as when contractors or community representatives are on the grounds). Suggestive or enticing lingerie is prohibited except as appropriate for club endorsed theme activities.
  • GUESTS: Please meet your guests at the gate and register them at the office. Gate codes are NEVER to be given out. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. Guests may be subject to fees.
  • VEHICLES: The speed limit is 10 mph and pedestrians always have the right of way. Licensed drivers only. Be watchful for children.
  • GOLF CARTS: Golf carts must have turf tires (picture in the office), and appropriate lighting for use after dusk. Operate them only in designated areas or on designated trails. You must have a valid state driver’s license, or be at least 18 years old to drive a golf cart, children 12 and over may drive when accompanied by a licensed driver. Children under 12 are not permitted to drive. No more riders than available seats will allow.
  • ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE: Possession or use of illegal substances will not be tolerated.
  • PETS: All pets on common (main) grounds, must be under control by their owners at all times. Pets are NOT welcome at the Bistro, at other food events, or in buildings unless otherwise permitted. Clean up after your pets at all times. 
  • CONDUCT: We are a Family Nudist Park. Nudism is the shedding of our clothes, not our morals. Offensive or sexually explicit behavior, or violence or threatened violence, loud, profane, or abusive language or excessive use of alcohol is not acceptable. Conduct not requiring an apology is expected behavior.
  • FIREARMS: No person may discharge firearms on the property of Oaklake Trails Naturist Park, Inc. (OLT) without the express written consent of the Oaklake Trails Board of Directors, except in Accordance with Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
  • CHILDREN: We try to provide activities that children will enjoy. You are responsible at all times for the safety and behavior of your children. Minor children not accompanied by their parents/guardians require a notarized written permission of his/her guardian to be at OLT. Consent forms available in the office. Unless announced otherwise for special events, children under 12 years old must be at your campsite after 10PM. Children 12-15 years old must be at your campsite after 11PM.
  • QUIET HOURS: Please be respectful of your neighbors. Except for club-sanctioned events/activities, quiet hours are from 11PM to 7AM.
  • OPEN FIRES: Fire danger at OLT is frequently high. Therefore, please no open fires on OLT grounds. Fires will be permitted in the common fire pit with the consent from management.
  • LITTERING: Please remember, cigarette butts are litter too. We are proud of the neat appearance of our club, and we thank you for your help in keeping it that way.
  • POOL AND HOT TUB: There are no lifeguards at OLT’s pool and hot tub. Please shower before entering the pool or hot tub. Smoking while in the pool or hot tub enclosure is prohibited.
  • GLASS CONTAINERS: Glass containers or bottles are NOT ALLOWED in any public recreation areas.
  • BODY JEWELRY: OLT is a family park. Understated body jewelry is acceptable.
  • SITTING: Please sit on a towel when using an OLT chair or bench.
  • SEVERE WEATHER: Creek County gets its share of severe weather. OLT’s storm shelter is located at the east end of Sun Meadow.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: No one may take photographs without the express permission of the OLT Board or Management. Take photos only with permission from the person(s) being photographed. Photos taken with any imaging device, clandestinely, or without the knowledge or consent of the person(s) being photographed is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in immediate expulsion, equipment confiscation and possible legal action.