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August Events 2017                                 

Aug 4         

Nudestock Pre-party                                                             

        9:00 PM

Aug 5


We will party like its 1969! Break out the love beads and tie die and a flower power attitude!

10 AM - Water Aerobics with Cindy

Good Vibrations Invitational Races - 7 PM

9:00 PM Dance in the Meadow with DJ Dave

Costume contest

Friday                                     Aug 11 

Dance - Special Guest!                                                                 

9 PM - There will be a very special guest star. The performance begins at 9:00 PM. His identity is a surprise but *hint* *hint* he has not left the building. He is quoted as saying, "Rock and Roll Music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can't help but move to it."  Thank you very much.  

Aug 12

Saturday Dance - Live Band          

9 pm - Rock it out in the clubhouse with a live band

Aug 18

Nudelywed Game - Round 3

9 PM Last round before the finals.

Aug 19

Water Wars                                         

Bring your inner child for some raucous and ridiculous water games then keep the fun going with the Hot Summer Fun Dance - 9:00 P.m.

Aug 25


9 PM

Aug 26

Midsummer Nights Dream Dance

9:00 PM

Well, we love Shakespeare but this is a whole other kind of night.

It’s a pajama party!! Make it funny flannel or sexy satin but sleepy time garb is a must! Sweet Dreams!